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High Five Music Academy Offers:

  • Private Lessons

  • Homeschool Lessons

  • Adult Lessons

  • *Live Lessons

  • Virtual Lessons

  • Guitar/Bass Setup and Repair

  • Bass*

  • Brass

  • Drum*

  • Guitar*

  • Piano

  • Percussion

  • Strings

  • Voice

  • Ukulele*

  • Woodwind

  • Call us if you are looking for something else, we may have a teacher who can help you

Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate the love of music inherent in every student by offering a comfortable learning environment that promotes the principals of dedication, teamwork and community.

The High Five Dream
   Chris Meek began teaching guitar to private students while studying music in college.  During the next twenty years, Chris taught both private and group lessons in music stores, community centers, and his home.  He added teaching at Soundwall Summer Rock Camp in 1996, starting as an assistant and advancing to Music Director.
    Along with teaching guitar, he now teaches bass, ukulele, and drums.  His love of music and teaching gave birth to his dream of opening a music academy where students of all ages would have an opportunity to go beyond weekly lessons to playing and performing together with peers in a comfortable but professional environment; a place where all instruments could be learned in one location, where instructors could share their passion for music with students and students could share their own musical passion with friends and family.  [Unfortunately, Covid19 forced the closure of our studio in Concord. Currently, we have a small studio in Martinez which does not allow us to fully realize the High Five Dream.  Please bear with us as we try to revitalize the Academy.]
    Speaking of friends and family, Chris would like to offer his thanks to everyone who has offered him encouragement and support in realizing the High Five Dream.
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Request Information

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Privacy Policy


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