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Visions In Education
Vista Oaks

High Five Music Academy will enrich your Homeschool curriculum by offering lessons

tailored to the student's abilities and interests.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in a wide variety of instruments.  Private lessons are scheduled for half an hour each week.  We have private voice lessons (starting at age 8) for 45 minutes or 60 minutes. 

Time:  Monday - Saturday

Prerequisite:  Most instructors will work with children as young as 5

Materials:   Varies by instructor/instrument

Instructor:   All of our instructors are professional musicians with years of experience

Music Exploration - Ages 5 to 7

The perfect private lesson for the student who doesn't know which instrument to play.  Youngsters have the opportunity to any or all: ukulele, guitar, piano, drums, and singing.  The lesson will follow the child's interest, keeping them engaged.

Current Homeschool Pricing Fall 2023

1/2 hour every week = $140 a month

45 min every week = $178 a month

1 hour every week = $244 a month

No family discounts

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