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Coming Soon- Soul Guitar Workshop!


This guitar workshop will focus on the R&B/Soul guitar playing of Steve Cropper, Curtis Mayfield, Phil Upchurch and Jimi Hendrix. Learn some soulful chord moves to add dimension to any style progression. Plus we'll examine using double stops in a melodic context to create some sweet solo breaks.


Instructor: Chris Meek


Beginning Voice Workshop
"The Basics"
 Saturday May 14, 1:00
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In this workship, you will learn how to:
    Double your sound, now
    Relax your throat, relax your voice
    Breathe to support vs. breathe to live
    Have more power, control, & fun singing
"Learn to free your voice and
Sing Out!"
Instructor: Deborah Del Mastro

Past Events



Student Concerts


At least three times a year, our students are given the opportunity to show off there stuff for family and friends.


Performances are held in our spacious onsite venue and at public events through out the community.

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